Southern Province

Some facts about Southern Province

South Province or Southern Province may refer to:

  • South Province, Cameroon
  • South Province, Maldives
  • South Province, New Caledonia
  • South Province (Western Australia), a former electoral province of Western Australia
  • Southern Province (Canadian Shield), a physiographic unit in North America
  • Southern Province (IMCRA region), a marine biogeographic region of Australia
  • Southern Province, Rwanda
  • Southern Province, Sierra Leone
  • Southern Province, Sri Lanka
  • Southern Province (Victoria), a former electoral province of Victoria, Australia
  • Southern Province, Zambia
  • Southern Provinces, a term used by Morocco for Western Sahara

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Info about Southern Province

  • Belongs to: Sierra Leone
  • Population: 1,377,067
  • Latitude: 7.8
  • Longitude: -12

Cities of Southern Province