Eastern Province

Some facts about Eastern Province

Eastern Province and East Province may refer to the following places:

  • Eastern Province, Cameroon
  • Eastern Province, Cundinamarca, Venezuela
  • Eastern Province, Rwanda
  • Eastern Province (Kenya)
  • Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia (Al Sharqiyah)
  • Eastern Province, Sierra Leone
  • Eastern Cape, South Africa
    • Eastern Province cricket team
  • Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
  • Eastern Province, Zambia
  • Eastern Province (Victoria), a former electorate in the Victorian Legislative Council (Australia)
  • Khorasan (Eastern Province of Iran)
  • Roman and Byzantine Greece Greece as an eastern province of Roman Empire
  • Purvanchal, India, meaning "Eastern Province"

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Info about Eastern Province

  • Belongs to: Rwanda
  • Population: 2,600,812
  • Latitude: -1.75
  • Longitude: 30.5

Cities of Eastern Province