Some facts about Danilovgrad

Danilovgrad (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Даниловград, pronounced [dǎnilɔv̞ɡraːd]) is a town in central Montenegro. It has a population of 5,208 (2003 census). It is situated in the Danilovgrad Municipality which lies along the main route between Montenegro's two largest cities, Podgorica and Nikšić. Via villages, Danilovgrad forms part of a conurbation with Podgorica.

The town of Danilovgrad is located in the fertile valley of the Zeta River, sometimes called also the Bjelopavlići plain, after the name of the local clan. It is the centre of the municipality, which has a population of 16,523.

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Info about Danilovgrad

  • Belongs to: Montenegro
  • Population: 5,208
  • Latitude: 42.55861
  • Longitude: 19.09111

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