Central Region

Some facts about Central Region

Central Region, Center Region, Centrale Region, or Centre Region can refer to:

  • Centre Region, Burkina Faso, one of thirteen administrative regions
  • Centre Region, Cameroon, one of ten semi-autonomous regions
  • Maekel Region or Central Region, Eritrea, one of six regions
  • Central Region, Ghana, one of ten regions
  • Central Region, Malawi, one of three regions
  • Central Region, Uganda, one of four regions into which the districts are grouped
  • Centrale Region, Togo, one of five regions
  • AAA Central Region, a high school sports region in the U.S. state of Virginia
  • Center Region, Argentina, one of several geographical regions
  • Central Region, Venezuela
  • Central Region (Boy Scouts of America)
  • Central Region, Nepal, one of five development regions
  • Central Region, Singapore, one of five regions
  • Central Region within the Yuan dynasty governed by the Zhongshu Sheng
  • Centre region, Hainaut, an informal region in the province of Hainaut, which is part of the region of Wallonia, Belgium
  • Centre-Val de Loire, before 2015 Centre, France
  • Central Region, Malta, one of five regions of Malta
  • Central Region, Scotland, one of nine former local government regions
  • Central Region, Serbia, a former statistical region, now part of Šumadija and Western Serbia statistical region

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Info about Central Region

  • Belongs to: Malawi
  • Population: 4,814,000
  • Latitude: -13.5
  • Longitude: 34

Cities of Central Region