West Bay

Some facts about West Bay

There are a number of places, both bays and communities, in the world known as West Bay.

  • West Bay (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • West Bay, Nova Scotia (disambiguation)
United Kingdom
  • West Bay, Dorset, formerly known as Bridport Harbour, approximately two miles from Bridport on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England.
United States
  • West Bay (Texas), a bay in Texas separated from the Gulf of Mexico by Galveston Island.
  • The San Francisco Peninsula and the Marin peninsula are also referred to as the "West Bay," including the entire 415 and 650 area codes.
  • West Bay (Doha), a bay in the capital, Doha, in which the West Bay Lagoon is located, and the name of an area in the capital.
Cayman Islands
  • West Bay, Cayman Islands is a town on Grand Cayman.
  • West Bay (Antarctica) is a small bay on the west coast of Heard Island.

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Info about West Bay

  • Belongs to: Cayman Islands
  • Population: 11,269
  • Latitude: 19.38039
  • Longitude: -81.38869

Cities of West Bay