Sister Island

Some facts about Sister Island

Sister or Sisters Island or Islands may refer to several individual islands or island groups:


  • The Sisters (Andaman), two islands in the Duncan Passage, Andaman Islands, India
    • East Sister Island (Andaman)
    • West Sister Island (Andaman)


  • Sisters Islands (Queensland)
  • Sisters Island (Tasmania), north-west Tasmania
  • Sisters Island Group, Tasmania, Furneaux Group
    • Inner Sister Island
    • Outer Sister Island
    • Shag Reef


  • Sisters Islands (Nunavut), Canada
  • East Sister Island, Lake Erie, Ontario

Cayman Islands

  • Little Cayman
  • Cayman Brac

New Zealand

  • The Sisters/Rangitatahi, Chatham Islands


  • Sisters' Islands


  • The Sisters (California)
  • West Sister Island, Lake Erie, Ohio
  • A small group of islands just northwest of Grand Isle (island) in Lake Champlain

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Info about Sister Island

  • Belongs to: Cayman Islands
  • Population: 0
  • Latitude: 19.72195
  • Longitude: -79.78958

Cities of Sister Island