Some facts about Saba

Saba (; Dutch pronunciation: [ˈsaːbɑ]) is a Caribbean island which is the smallest special municipality (officially “public body”) of the Netherlands. It consists largely of the potentially active volcano Mount Scenery, at 887 metres (2,910 ft) the highest point of the entire Netherlands.

Saba has a land area of 13 square kilometres (5.0 sq mi). As of January 2013, the population was 1,991 inhabitants, with a population density of 150 inhabitants per square kilometre (390/sq mi). Its towns and major settlements are The Bottom (the capital), Windwardside, Hell's Gate and St. Johns.

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Info about Saba

  • Belongs to: Bonaire
  • Population: 1,737
  • Latitude: 17.63333
  • Longitude: -63.23333

Cities of Saba