State of Chuuk

Some facts about State of Chuuk

Chuuk State (also known as Truk) is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). The other states are Kosrae State, Pohnpei State, and Yap State. It consists of several island groups:

  • Chuuk Lagoon
  • Nomwisofo
  • Hall Islands
  • Namonuito Atoll (Magur Islands) (northwest)
  • Pattiw (Western Islands)
  • Eastern Islands (Upper Mortlock Islands)
  • Mortlock Islands

Chuuk is the most populous state of the FSM with 50,000 inhabitants on 120 square kilometres (46 square miles). Chuuk Lagoon is where most people live. Weno Island in the Lagoon functions as state capital and is FSM's biggest city.

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Info about State of Chuuk

  • Belongs to: Micronesia
  • Population: 54,595
  • Latitude: 7.44077
  • Longitude: 151.85431

Cities of State of Chuuk