North-Western Province

Some facts about North-Western Province

Northwestern Province or Northwest Province or North-Western Province may refer to:

  • Northwest Region, Cameroon, Northwest Region since 2008
  • North-West Frontier Province (1901–55), Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 2010
  • North West (South African province), established 1994, capital is Mahikeng
  • North Western Province, Sri Lanka, also known as Wayamba
  • North-Western Province, Zambia
  • North Western Province (Victoria), an electorate of the Victorian Legislative Council (Australia) from 1856 to 2006
  • Northwest Province (IMCRA region), an Australian marine biogeographic province
  • North-Western Provinces, an administrative region in British India which existed in one form or another from 1836 until 1902

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Info about North-Western Province

  • Belongs to: Zambia
  • Population: 583,350
  • Latitude: -13
  • Longitude: 25

Cities of North-Western Province