Some facts about Canaries

Canaries may refer to:

  • Canary Islands, an archipelago in the Atlantic belonging to Spain
  • Canaries, Saint Lucia, a village on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia
  • "The Canaries", the nickname of several football teams
    • Norwich City F.C., from England
    • Hitchin Town F.C., from England
    • FK Novi Sad, from Serbia
    • FC Nantes, from France
    • PFC Botev Plovdiv, from Bulgaria
  • Several species of birds, including
    • Atlantic canary
    • Domestic canary
  • Canary (court dance), a lively 16th century court dance in Europe
  • Canaries (film), 1969 film by Jerome Hill

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Info about Canaries

  • Belongs to: Saint Lucia
  • Population: 0
  • Latitude: 13.90466
  • Longitude: -61.06326

Cities of Canaries