Loyalty Islands

Some facts about Loyalty Islands

The Loyalty Islands (French: Îles Loyauté) are an archipelago in the Pacific. They are part of the French territory of New Caledonia, whose mainland is 100 km (62 mi) away. They form the Loyalty Islands Province (province des îles Loyauté), one of the three provinces of New Caledonia. It has 17,000 people living on almost 2,000 square kilometres (770 square miles). The native inhabitants are the Kanak people and the Tavu'avua' people.

The first Western contact on record is attributed to British Captain William Raven of the whaler Britannia, who in 1793 was on his way from Norfolk Island to Batavia. It is very likely, however, that the discovery and name goes back to the London ship Loyalty (also Loyalist, Jethro Daggett master), on a South Sea trading voyage from 1789 till 1790.

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Info about Loyalty Islands

  • Belongs to: New Caledonia
  • Population: 17,436
  • Latitude: -20.91911
  • Longitude: 167.26135

Cities of Loyalty Islands