Some facts about Sermersooq

Sermersooq (Greenlandic: [ seʁmeʁsoːq̚ ], Place of Much Ice) is a new municipality in Greenland, operational from 1 January 2009. It is home to Nuuk (formerly called Godthåb), the capital of Greenland, and is the most populous municipality in the country, with 21,868 inhabitants as of January 2013. The municipality consists of former municipalities of eastern and southwestern Greenland, each named after the largest settlement at the time of formation:

  • Ammassalik Municipality
  • Ittoqqortoormiit Municipality
  • Ivittuut Municipality
  • Nuuk Municipality
  • Paamiut Municipality

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Info about Sermersooq

  • Belongs to: Greenland
  • Population: 21,868
  • Latitude: 64.18284
  • Longitude: -51.71831

Cities of Sermersooq