Some facts about Kujalleq

Kujalleq (Greenlandic [kujaɬeq̚] The South) is a new municipality in the southern tip of Greenland, operational from 1 January 2009. With 7,151 inhabitants as of January 2013, it is the least-populated municipality in Greenland. The administrative center of the municipality is in Qaqortoq (formerly called Julianehåb). The municipality consists of the former municipalities of southern Greenland, each named after the biggest settlement:

  • Nanortalik Municipality
  • Narsaq Municipality
  • Qaqortoq Municipality

In addition to the area of the former municipalities, the southernmost tip of Greenland was added to the new administrative entity. The land area stretches from the Kangerlussuatsiaq fjord (in Danish Lindenowfjorden) to the southeastern Atlantic coast and Cape Farewell. The area previously belonged to Ammassalik Municipality and is uninhabited.

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Info about Kujalleq

  • Belongs to: Greenland
  • Population: 7,151
  • Latitude: 60.71905
  • Longitude: -46.03683

Cities of Kujalleq